DIY: Spring Photo Session


Chuck and I had been going back and forth on whether or not we should have professional pictures of our daughter taken for Spring. Meaning, I definitely wanted them and he still needed persuading. We had professional pictures taken when she was a newborn and then again at 6 months. We also invested in a first birthday shoot. We ended up with some stunning pictures (priceless in my eyes), but they were progressively more difficult to take as she became more aware that she was being asked to do something she clearly didn’t want to do. There were even tears at her first birthday shoot.

The investment was the biggest roadblock. $200 for a 30 minute mini session. To me, it was completely worth it. My husband, who I think was still a bit traumatized from the last session, wasn’t convinced.  So I thought of what I could cut out of our budget to offset the professional pics.  I thought about how I could further justify the unplanned expense.  I even thought about how I could position the pictures as more of an “investment” vs an expense. I thought and thought and thought.  Then thought some more.  Then finally, hello!  Why not try taking cute photos at home??


Admittedly the backdrop is a little bit cheesy, but cheesy backdrops have grown on me. I’ve grown very fond of seeing cute studio pictures of my friend’s toddlers in novelty settings.  Is it perfect? No. There’s an unsightly seam right down the middle that we couldn’t iron out for the life of me and of course, my eyes go right to it in every shot. There’s also a shadow which we could have easily corrected had we invested in something like this studio light kit.  The pictures are not exactly what I imagined, but at the end of the day we captured some beautiful pics of our gorgeous girl.  Also, no tears.

The “at home” shoot was such a success that when her little cousin Sammy came over later that day, we ended up taking more.


My mother-in-law wanted in on the fun, too.


Total investment for the “at home” studio $53.00 which we definitely plan to use again:

The tutu’s  were an additional cost of $17.00 and have been used repeatedly since the shoot:

  • the pink tutu used in the first two pictures cost $7.00
  • the cream tutu used in the last picture with grandma cost $10

Net savings vs the 30 minute mini session: $130 and everyone is happy.