Toddler Crafts: A Monster


Not unlike other toddlers, my daughter loves messy activities like scribbling with markers & crayons, painting, water play, play sand, etc. Since she’s not currently enrolled in a nursery school, I think it’s important to make sure she still gets exposure to making messes and creating her own art early on. Besides, it’s so much fun for her!

This past December, we started attending this puppets, musics, and crafts thing at our local library. It was here that she was first exposed to her most recent crafting obsession: the glue stick. So when I asked her the other morning if she wanted to do something with glue sticks, her answer was a not so surprisingly resounding, Yesssss!

I pulled out the construction paper, googley-eyes, and glue sticks and asked her what she wanted to make. She thought for a minute, then started jumping up and down excitedly and shouted, monster!

In the past, I planned and precut everything without any input from my daughter. This project was especially fun because I had no idea what her monster would look like. This project involved a lot of Q&A’s and was probably our first, truly collaborative effort. What color is the monster’s face? Red! What about the ears? Pink! What about the nose? Purple! Does the monster have a big nose or small nose? Big! Which eyes should we use? The big ones! I had this bright blue shredded paper I saved from a gift I received a few months back and pulled that out for hair. Slowly but surely, her monster was born. She was and still is so proud of her creation.

I am planning to do more of these types of collaborative projects with her where I involve her more in the planning process and just see where it goes. She enjoyed it so much, it’s the least I can do.


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