Toddler Crafts: Watercolor Cupcake Flowers


Chuck’s grandmother has been feeling under the weather lately, so I thought we could cheer her up with some handmade flowers. 🙂 Since my daughter has been asking to do more painting lately (like, everyday), I thought using water colors to paint the “petals” might look really cute.

She finger paints quite a bit, but this was her first time using water colors and a paint brush. She’s seen the kids on Sesame Street paint with brushes and has been asking to do the same. So when I came to the table with the water colors and the paint brush, she was so excited.


The project comes together very quickly. My daughter painted three small and three large cupcake wrappers. I made sure she painted the edges of the large cupcake wrappers since these would be the only visible part. Then, I brought over the glue stick (I mentioned in this post that my daughter loves the glue stick) and the stems and leaves that I pre-cut while she was painting the petals. With a little help, she pasted on the stems, leaves, and  petals. Done!

I’m learning to let go of this urge to speed the process along by doing certain parts for her or correcting misplaced pieces in her artwork like, mismatched and lopsided leaves. It’s so hard – it’s a real exercise in patience for me – but, I know that she’s much happier during the process without my help and isn’t that what matters most??