Toddler Crafts: Butterflies & Bumble Bees


I saw this cute little painting project on Pinterest where you use cut up toilet paper rolls as paint brushes and I thought, that would be a fun project. It wasn’t. Painting with toilet paper rolls can be…messy (to say the least). I’ll try again. Someday. Maybe.

I never got around to recycling the toilet paper rolls and instead, have been stock piling them for some sort of yet to be determined crafting project for my little one. Well, the other day my daughter said to me, Let’s glue stick.

So I asked her what she wanted to make and she thought about it for a bit and finally said, A butterfly!

At this point, we’ve made about 50 gajillion paper butterflies with the glue stick. Maybe not literally 50 gajillion, but a lot. So I thought, how could I make this butterfly a little bit different? I came up with this:


(Yah. She insisted the butterfly’s eyes belonged on the wings, so that’s where they went.) She had so much fun making the butterfly, she asked to make another one. So, we came up with this:


Super easy and a great way to use up those TP rolls (besides recycling, of course).


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