Toddler Crafts: A Couple Pandas


Amazon had this promo a few months back where they were offering a free download of the movie, Kung Fu Panda . (I assume it was in anticipation of the new movie that just came out, Kung Fu Panda 3.) Ever since, my daughter has been obsessed with pandas. She loves the movie and to be honest, my husband and I are quite fond of the movie, too. 🙂

The other morning she said to me, Let’s make a couple pandas!

It was a rainy morning, a perfect craft day. So, I pulled out the construction paper and glue sticks and we got to work. As with most crafts, I prep everything and lay it all out. This way, she has a visual to start with, and then we glue stick and paste!


I must admit, these craft projects a great for working on her fine motor skills and attention span. Have I mentioned, she loves glue sticks??


Anyways, it was a quick and fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

I should mention, I pulled the idea off of pinterest. I did try to go back and add a link to the project idea, but can no longer find it! 😦



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