Toddler Crafts: An Owl


I mentioned in this previous post that I’ve been stockpiling toilet paper rolls for about 50 gajillion yet to be determined craft projects. I’m at the point where I should definitely be recycling them, but for whatever reason I’ve been a bit hesitant.

A couple weeks ago, my daughter asked to make an owl. We’ve made quite a few owls with construction paper and even with some leaves we picked this past fall. So, I started thinking: How do we make this one different?

Then I remembered a Sesame Street episode we watched a while back where they made monsters out of toilet paper rolls. Given my stockpile and my daughter’s obsession with monsters, I’ve been meaning to try making the Sesame Street monsters. So why not try with owls?

The prep (steps 1-5) are super easy. The remainder of the project is definitely toddler friendly:

  1. Flatten a cardboard toilet paper roll
  2. For the “wings”:
    1. Cut off roughly a 1inch strip off the top of the toilet paper roll
    2. Still flattened, cut out a zig zag pattern at the end of the 1inch strip
  3. For the “body”:
    1. Still flattened, cut a semi circle off the top to create the “ears”
    2. With the remaining semi circle, cut out a diamond for the “beak”
    3. Still flattened, cut 2/3 of the way down on both creased sides – these will be the slots to place your owl’s wings thru
  4. With your toddler, insert the “wings” into the slots
  5. With your toddler, glue the “beak” into place
  6. With your toddler, decorate the owl with his/her favorite paint/markers/stickers/google-y eyes, etc…


Done! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Toddler Crafts: An Owl

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed with L’s artwork. Can’t believe she’s able to sit still and complete a project like this. Thanks for sharing!

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    • have a latte says:

      Thank you! The project comes together really quickly, so she only had to sit for painting (water color dries rather quickly) and putting on the beak and google-y eyes.


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