Toddler Crafts: Mama Fish & Baby Fish

I pulled out some glue to try to save a board book that somehow came undone. (I asked my toddler if she did it, but she insists it was her grandmother.) As soon as she saw the glue, she wanted to use it. I should’ve known better, but at that point I was only half way thru my first latte of the morning and not yet at 100%. I had one of two choices: propose we work on puzzles and risk a very high probability of tears or do something with the glue. So I asked her, What do you want to make?

And she answered, Let’s make agua!

Should we make anything swimming in the agua?

At first she answered with her default answer as of late, I don’t know!

Then quickly came back and said, Let’s make a mama fishy and a baby fishy!

So that’s what we made. 🙂 I’ve had this left over navy tissue paper sitting in this random tin on top of her play kitchen, pulled out some construction paper, and we went to work. I really wasn’t sure how the tissue paper would work, but she started tearing it apart as soon as I handed it to her and just went with it.

I ended up squeezing the glue onto a mini cupcake liner, but I think a paper plate would’ve probably worked better. This part was pretty simple, take a piece of the navy tissue paper, dip it in the glue, and put it onto the blue construction paper.

“Dip, dip, dip!”


“Pat, pat, pat!”


Next, she added glue to the momma and baby fish that I had already precut. (She’s super focused when it came to squeezing the glue out, right??)


Then, pasted them on.


Finally, she added the google-y eyes.


The time went by very quickly and she was so happy with the end result:


It was a perfect way to spend the morning.