Toddler Crafts: Fireworks

In anticipation of the 4th of July Weekend, L and I attempted the fireworks toilet paper project – for the second time. I’m not exactly sure what we did wrong, but similar to our first attempt, the end result was not what you would call impressive. 😦


Prep was easy enough: three toilet paper rolls cut with fringe half way thru and three different colors of paint.


Then, I let her paint. She started with orange and it looked okay…


Next was green and that actually looked better…


Finally yellow, which I had thought would come out the best, but it sort of just muddled everything. 😦


Anyways, it was definitely not the prettiest craft project. In fact, I never actually planned on sharing this until the other day when I found a couple precious pics I snapped of my daughter during the project. Her expressions were priceless: complete, utter, simple, joy.



She is constantly reminding me to enjoy the process, to live in the moment, to be present. Who cares about the end result? She surely didn’t. This little 2.5 year old – she has been my greatest teacher.




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