The Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

This Jacques Torres version is without a doubt, the very best version of your traditional chocolate chip cookie. The exterior is just crisp enough to have a bit of a bite, but at the same time leaves the interior soft, tender, and buttery – pretty much everything you would want in the very best, most decadent chocolate chip cookie.

What makes these cookies so exceptional? Here’s my hypothesis:

  1. Disproportionately high chocolate to cookie ratio. Most chocolate chip cookies are truly a cookie with a not-so-generous smattering of chocolate chips. These are the opposite: really good chocolate held together by a ridiculously decadent cookie.
  2. A mix of coarsely chopped chocolate bars and chocolate chip morsels vs chocolate chip morsels. The recipe actually calls for rough chopped chocolate and I think it’s this – all the different chunks and little shavings of chocolate that sort of melt into the cookie dough – that literally makes every single bite chocolate chip cookie nirvana. Sigh.

My only other modification to this recipe was to the flour. Jacque’s recipe calls for equal parts of pastry and bread flour. Up until a couple months ago, we’ve never baked bread from scratch. Therefore, we never had bread flour. So, the first time I made this I used all-purpose flour with the intention of trying it with pastry and bread flour if they were really that good. The cookies came out so good, I never bothered.

Since my first attempt, I’ve had the opportunity to try the cookies from one of the many Jacque Torres bakeries in Manhattan and really, they taste exactly the same. I’ve also read that equal parts of bread and pastry flour will pretty much net to all-purpose flour! So, why bother??

I always try to keep some raw cookie dough in freezer. That way, I always have them ready to bake fresh for house guests, social gatherings, office parties…basically for anything and everything. They’re very much adored by all.


You can find the recipe here.


Due to the high butter content, these cookies keep well at room temperature in an air tight container only for a couple of days. The recipe yields quite a bit, so freeze extra cookie dough in balls and they’ll be ready to bake whenever you want them.

Perhaps also due to the butter content, I find these cookies are easiest to work with and taste best with at least an overnight rest in the fridge.